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Thu to Sat 4:30pm To 10:30pm & Sun 1pm till 5pm*


What Kind Of Cuisine Is Karmana?
Plant based (Sattvic) Food. We get our inspiration from around the globe. In particular, where a plant based diet has been the norm for 1000s of years which has proven longevity and healthy life style for generations.

Is Your food Vegan?
Our default position is VEGAN including all our deserts, however we do offer some vegetarian options within our menu (cheese/Paneer or if you like ordinary milk/honey with your tea or coffee).

Is Your Food Spicy?
We use Herbal spices in our cooking such as Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Onions etc not only for flavor but added health benefits too. If you like your food hot, please mention at the time of your order and we will use green chilli to make it hot for you.

Do you offer loyalty rewards?
YES if you order using this site you may be for good Delight.

Do You Have A Gluten Friendly Options?
Yes we do offer options but are not recommended for those with a gluten sensitivity, our gluten free options is not for a person with Coeliac/Celiac disease. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that any of our food is 100% gluten or allergen free. Ingredients used in the dishes can be manufactured in factories which handle other allergens. For this reason, allergen traces may be present in all of our dishes. ALL OUR DRINKS/CAKES CONTAIN NUTS, SOY AND OTHER ALLERGENS.

Can I use a voucher?
Yes if you have a valid voucher simply just email us first, then order over the phone for pickup or online as you wish at the Checkout choose to Pay At Karmana.

Can you deliver to multi story flats/apartments?
Unfortunately we don’t due to current Covid-19 we avoiding using lift hence you must collect your order from ground floor.

What Else Is Karmana Doing To Protect Staff and Customers?
To start, we prioritise everyone’s well-being above all. Our ingredients freshly produced, thoroughly washed, and properly cooked. Our takeaway food containers/bags have been stocked a month in advance. We clean and sanitise our kitchen platforms, storage, door handles, delivery bags, and boxes. Karmana takes safety and hygiene seriously, especially in current times, and we take pride in maintaining a 5-star hygiene rating. Also, all employees at Karmana have been quarantined since March: this is something we have collectively decided to uphold in order to best meet our standards. Furthermore, we follow government guidelines: our employees to wear masks, face shields, gloves, use hand sanitiser, and we conduct daily temperature checks. All Our Deliveries and Pick-ups are Contact Free.  

Are you open for dine-in?
YES We Open For Dine-In, in door and if you prefer our garden is weather-proof and heated; the nutritionally rich menu and drinks will be served in earth loving palm leaf plates and cutlery, which cost us a lot more than standard washable dishes but this is due to commercial dishwasher using same water. I guess not many of you may be aware of this!, a small dine in fee of £2.50 pp will be added to final bill to cover some of this cost, the restaurant will be fully sanitised with a fog machine everyday; the toilet is touch-free, except the door and flush, which we wipe with special wipes, having the effect of lasting over 24 hours.

Menu Explained
Our vegan Menu excludes all products taken from animals. These include any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish, by-products of slaughter or any foods that come directly from killing an animal, such as fats and gelatine. This category also excludes recipes containing dairy products, eggs and honey.

Our vegetarian Menu exclude all products that contain any meat, poultry, game, fish, shellfish, Eggs or any by-product of slaughter . This category includes recipes that contain dairy products & honey.

“Food is a dynamic force which interacts with the human on the physical body level, the mind emotional level, and also the energetic and spiritual level. The study of nutrition is the study of the interaction with and assimilation of the dynamic forces of food by the dynamic forces of our total being.” ~ Gabriel Cousens, M.D.