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Spicy Peppers & Vegan Burrata Flatbread
Fast, Furious, & Delicious This spicy and flavoursome flatbread is fit to rival a great starter.

Grilled Jerusalem Artichoke with Vegan Caprese Salad & Rocket Salsa
The flavour of jerusalem artichoke and tomato with fresh vegan cheese and a zippy herbs sauce
make it feel the warmth and cozy comfort.

Indiana Feast
Delicious samosas are lavished the bed of seasoned chickpea served
with crunchy noodles coriander and red onions.
Christmas Roast
Served with roasted potatoes, brussel sprout, steam broccoli, carrot, red cabbage, asparagus, gravy,
yorkshire pudding, roast made with soya, grains, spice & herbs.

Aesthetic Aubergine
Roasted stuffed aubergine served with special gravy, rice and a homemade bread.

Rudolph Ramen
Soy maple syrup glazed yellow tofu, sweet corn, mushrooms, pak choi, peppers
Carrots, durum wheat noodles brought together with oriental broth with red nose on top.

Vanilla Poached Pear
Steamed marinated pears with christmassy spice served with vanilla ice cream perfact who keep of the cals.

Chocolate Cake
Made with organic fair-trade chocolate, this epic vegan chocolate cake also has a thin layer of apricot jam &
chocolate ganache in the middle and coated in chocolate ganache on the top and sides

Christmas Cake
Delicious, wonderfully fruity celebration cake.

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